“I wish finance was this fun,” and other ways to describe me.

Frustrated writerThe six-word bio is an initiative by Smith Magazine for capturing profound and clipped life stories. It is also a component of a Berkeley student’s profile that is shared throughout the Berkeley network and shown to potential employers.

It is, more importantly, an excellent way to waste a lot of time. Kind of like extreme Twitter.

I spent literally hours trying to figure out how I wanted to represent my professional life and career goals in six words. After tens and tens of combinations, I arrived on “I wish finance was this fun.”

It’s a bit of commentary on life decisions that we all have to make and concerns that journalists have today. For me, it’s applicable to my life right now and to the constant struggle I (and we) have between passion and money.

The best runners-up:

I always come to work early.

Take me back to New York.

We probably take ourselves too seriously.

Hire me! Hire me! Hire me!

Will work for very little pay.

Able to tweet and walk simultaneously.

Wait, I need my lucky pen.

Wait, I need my lucky blazer.

Wait, I need my lucky recorder.

My internships didn’t involve delivering Starbucks.

Probably should have gone into finance.

Secret of life: do better tomorrow.

If you are going through some life crisis, or need some writing practice (or editing practice) or need ways to make your job more fun, I suggest sitting down and seeing how many you can come up with in 30 minutes, or even an hour. It’s a great way to understand what your life consists of so far and what you want it to consist of.

Concise clarification – always a good thing.


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