Two Giant Fat People

I’ve picked up a habit recently that makes me feel super old: reading before bed. When I got home from college, I had to teach myself how to go to sleep earlier (really early, like, around 9:30pm) so that I could get up in the morning for work. Crazy College Nausheen wasn’t used to that because, in college, she used to go to sleep at crazy late hours, like 11pm.

When I failed to force myself to sleep the first night (by counting sheep, that were, inexplicably, different colors), I decided to start reading in bed to make myself sleepy. I found a book, The Gift, that I had gotten for my dad as a birthday present. It was filled with translations of Hafiz‘s poetry, by Daniel Ladinsky. I  encountered Hafiz as a student of Persian in college and I thought his work was relatable to me, and probably to many others, much like Rumi’s. So I began to read, aloud, Hafiz’s poetry before bed.


It is beautiful. And funny. And thought-provoking. And because I love you all so much, I wanted to share some of it with you. Because I think it might help many of you in your own lives, as it helped me in mine. Below are some of my favorite poems by Hafiz. I will post a few, every few posts, whenever I feel like they might be needed. Enjoy!

*Must read out loud. I don’t care if you’re in a public place, just do it. Whoever hears you will think you’re insightful and poetic.

Two Giant Fat People

God and I have become

Like two giant fat people

Living in a tiny boat

We keep

Bumping into each other

And laughing.

The Sun Never Says

Even after

All this time

The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens

With a love like that.

It lights

The whole sky.

Your Mother and My Mother

Fear is the cheapest room in the house

I would like to see you living

In better conditions,

For your mother and my mother

Were friends.

I know the Innkeeper

In this part of the universe.

Get some rest tonight,

Come to my verse again tomorrow.

We’ll go speak to the Friend together.

I should not make any promises right now,

But I know if you pray

Somewhere in this world-

Something good will happen.

God wants us to see

More love and playfulness in your eyes

For that is your greatest witness to Him.

Your soul and my soul

Once sat together in the Beloved’s womb

Playing footsie.

Your heart and my heart

Are very, very old friends.

Mismatched Newlyweds

Like a pair

Of mismatched newlyweds,

One of whom still feels very insecure,

I keep turning to God

Saying, “Kiss me.”


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