This is what I’ve learned [in the past six months].

New York City

New York City skyline (pastel)

1. New York City as an in-the-know tourist is completely amazing. It’s also nice to share it with the right tourist friends.

2. There are very, very few people that I am prouder of than my sister. Not just because of what she has accomplished, but because of the person she has become, the obstacles she has overcome and the amount she has developed.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with Bollywood. I love it for its potential, its music and the gems that it produces (once in a while). I hate it for its laziness, its cheesiness and its complete inability to be realistic (seriously can we have ONE movie where SOMEONE screws up in a song/dance sequence because people DON’T randomly break out into dances?).

4. I believe in soulmates (not the cheesy, lover kinds). I have a couple of them myself. You know who you are.

5. I’ve learned to embrace being the younger sibling. It’s really not that bad being able to joke your way out of lots of stuff.

6. Parents are people. No more, no less.

7. There is a certain freedom that you feel when you are good. You can’t get this freedom from anywhere else and it’s much more of a thrill than the thrill you get from being bad, because it lasts longer.

8. TGI Friday’s Brownie Obsession can fix a lot of problems in your life. No joke.

9. I am kind of a foodie.

10. There are some fights you can have that are worth it. Others are not. When they are not worth it, learn from them and let them go. Same with people.

11. Clip-on sunglasses are not cool. You might think they are, but they’re not.

12. The Qur’an is right: once you do something good, it is easier to do more things that are good. Once you do something bad, it is easier to do more things that are bad. It’s a slippery slope.

13. Bitter, doubtful people are not fun to be around. This is not a fun conversation to be a part of:

“Wow, it’s so sunny today!”

“Yeah, but we’re all gonna die eventually.”

14. Much of life is not in your hands. I love the fact that so many things are not in my control. It significantly decreases the amount I have to worry, and my blood pressure.

15. I love being brown, but South Asian culture and society have serious flaws. I hope our generation and future generations can fix them before we screw up more kids. I think Aamir Khan understands this.

16. I recently decided that I am currently tired of school. Not learning, just school. I want to pursue other methods of learning (read: work) until I get tired of those and miss school again.

17. Football in the backyard with friends and family works every time. Any time. Any occasion.

18. You haven’t really lived until you’ve been completely irresponsible. At least once. Or twice. Gotta have stories to tell the grandkids, otherwise you’re just an old person with no stories, which is completely senseless.

19. There are very, very few things that excite me as much as reporting stories and interviewing people. I honestly thought, until about five months ago, that I wanted to have an academic life that involved research and teaching. Although that has its perks, I realized eventually that I can’t talk to my research, and I can learn a lot more from people and experiences.

20. I am not that great at Dance Dance Revolution. Which is weird because I am technically Asian.

21. Argue logically, not loudly. You gain credibility and respect. When you can’t reach a middle ground, let it go. The time away from the discussion will give you the opportunity to decide if it’s worth it or not.

22. I am an extremely lucky lady. I know this for sure.


8 thoughts on “This is what I’ve learned [in the past six months].

  1. I’m with you across the board, except at the risk of sounding like a #13, I want to point out that #8 and #9 don’t actually go together. You can’t go to TGIF’s as a default AND claim to be a foodie. Denmark, etc..

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