I’ve Decided to Be One of Those People That Has a Blog

Ironically, I’ve been writing less and less since I started college. It’s ironic because I am majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism. You would think I would be writing more.

When I was in high school, I had my own column in the school newspaper, The Stinger, called “Et cetera.” One of my good friends once told me it means “and some words.” I instantly decided it would be the name of my column.

You see, the name of a column tells you exactly what it will be like to read it. Everyone knows exactly what Carrie Bradshaw’s column will discuss. A colleague at The Stinger had one that was more honest: “No offense.” Each column has its own style, subject, appeal. Each columnist has his or her own personality, passion, eccentricities.

Obviously, I don’t work for The Stinger anymore. But I still have a desire to provide some words to some people. Nothing too heavy, I promise. I don’t have the answers to Life. But I do have some thoughts, some time and a computer. Enjoy.


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